How does this work?

Our undershirts subscription service simplifies the renewal of your shirt supply. Instead of going to a store and buying undershirts every time you need new ones, we send them to you automatically. You configure all the settings for your order: you decide how many shirts you need and how often you want to receive that set of shirts. Then you never need to think about buying undershirts again.

How do I order?

Go to our homepage at www.undershirtsmonthly.com and you will see the two options available to you: crew-neck or v-neck undershirts. Click on the style that you want, and proceed with the order details. On the top you pick the size, then enter the number of shirts for each shipment and how many months should pass before we ship your order again. You can make a one-time order if you don’t want to commit to subscribing yet and just want to take a look at a sample shirt.

How do I pay?

We accept all major credit cards, but only through PayPal. Because of the recurring subscription order component, we needed a secure, safe, and reliable provider who would be able to store your credit card information for future orders. We didn’t want to risk doing this ourselves, since we’re not in the business of secure data storage. If you have a PayPal account then you’re all set and ready to order. If you don’t have one yet, just take 5 minutes to sign up here.

How much is shipping?

We charge a flat $2 for regular shipping. You could order just 1 shirt or even 20 shirts, and we will charge you that same $2 shipping fee for both orders. You help us cover part of the shipping cost, and we take care of the rest for you.

What shipping method do you use?

We ship all orders via regular Post Office (USPS) standard Parcel Post service. Typically shipping time takes 2-5 days, and processing time for us to pack and ship your order will never be more than 24 hours.

Do you accept returns?

Yes. If you have a situation where you would like to return your order for any reason, just get in touch through the Contact Form and we will gladly issue you a full refund – including the shipping charge.

What is your sizing?

We have carefully designed our undershirts to be snug enough to fit underneath other clothing yet not too tight so that they are still comfortable. Our sizes are very much aligned with the standards in the industry, but for more specifics we have dimensions listed in our Size Chart. We sell our shirts in sizes Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large.

What styles do you have?

We have two styles available: crew neck and v-neck. The crew neck shirt is the traditional round neck collar. The v-neck undershirt is our custom deep neck pointed style, which dips low enough to ensure that it is unseen beneath all types of shirts. Our v-neck goes lower than most traditional vee-neck shirts. Both shirt styles have lay-flat collars that stay firmly flat, and our shirts are tag-less so they don’t irritate the back of your neck.

What shirt colors do you have?

Only white. We might expand that in the future depending on demand – so if you’d like to see the shirts in another color, please send us a note.

How do I cancel my order?

You can easily cancel your subscription at any time. Just go to your “My Account” section, then into the “My Subscriptions” page. There you will see a “Cancel Subscription” button. Simply click this button and you will automatically receive confirmations from us and from PayPal.

Can I change my subscription details?

To change either the amount of shirts or frequency of shipments, you will have to go into your account to cancel your current subscription and then make a brand new order through our website for the new subscription.