About us

Welcome to UndershirtsMonthly.com – and thanks for stopping by.

What we offer is quite simple: undershirts, by mail, shipped automatically, repeatedly, on a regular basis, as often as you want them. You choose it all. Tell us how many undershirts you want and how often you’d like to receive them.

You can get 1 v-neck undershirt every 1 month, 3 crew-neck and 2 v-neck undershirts every 2 months, 4 v-neck and 2 crew-neck undershirts every 5 months…the options are endless. You can even just make a one-time purchase of 1 undershirt or 20 undershirts, without a subscription, if you want to check out our shirts before signing up for recurring shipping.

Our undershirts are made by us, with high-quality, soft yet smooth, combed cotton.

Undershirts are on you very often and touch the largest surface area of your body most closely. They get worn out quickly and even if you keep them in wearable shape, undershirts still collect all that nice body sweat – which will show sooner or later.

Instead of wasting time shopping for the same shirts that you buy repeatedly, use UndershirtsMonthly.com to conveniently get them at your doorstep when you need them.

Along with convenience, we guarantee your satisfaction! Any questions that you have before your order, issues after your order, or just want to get in touch to help us make sure that you have the best experience possible, send us a message through the Contact Form.

We hope you'll enjoy our Undershirts Subscription Service.